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How to buy a shirt with the help of a salesperson?


Shopping... A hidden pleasure for all, irrespective of the gender! Isn't it always a great pleasure to gift yourself something grand and new, or something branded ? When it comes to purchasing a shirt for yourself, you have a picture in your head of how you would want your new purchase to look. You happen to develop a mental picture of which color, what sleeves (whether half or full), whether checks or a solid color. With all this already creating chaos, entering a shop, and looking for your ideal match can get a little difficult. The clutter of products might seem to block your vision and keep you away from the ideal pick. Only a sales person can come to your rescue !

How to buy shirt

How would you express to him your description of the perfect shirt in well- spoken English?

We have an example for you. Have a look:

Conversation with Salesperson

Sales person: Hello Sir, How may I help you?

You: Good Evening! I'm looking for a formal shirt. Could you help me locate it?

Sales person: Follow me, Sir.

You: Sure. After you.

Sales person: This is our section of formal shirts. Could I assist you with anything else?

You: Yes please! I am on the lookout for a solid color, formal shirt, with full sleeves to go with my Navy Blue suit.

Sales person: Sure Sir. Is there any color that you've got in mind?

You: Well, I wouldn't mind it in a beige color.

Sales person: Here you go, Sir. There is a trial room to the extreme right of the shirts section.

You: I'll be right back. Thank you.

A few moments later...

You: I'll take this one for sure. Could you also suggest me another color to go with a black suit?

Sales person: Here you go, Sir. For all business meets and other occasions, this mauve color, crisp shirt with your black suit will be the perfect blend of sophistication and classiness.

Buy Shirt

You: Sure. I will take this one too. Could I have both of them please?

Sales person: The billing counter is around the shoe section, Sir. Thank you!

You: Thank you for your service. Much appreciated!

Wasn't that easy? It's all about the words you choose and your English speaking fluency. It is important to learn fluent English as simple English speaking and practice will improve your English speaking fluency and eventually contribute in improving your English communication skills prepping you thoroughly in the English language.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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