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How to ask for a leave from your child’s teacher?


Developing a healthy parent- teacher relationship is certainly a good thing. That's because, when the child sees you or his/ her parents and teacher as partners, it can help in successful learning and healthy development. Being familiar with your child's teacher is a good thing as when you're required to ask for leave it does not become a difficult or an uncomfortable task. Keep in the mind to have the reason for the leave handy and make sure to speak in fluent English.


Conversing with the teacher:

Informing the teacher in advance would be the ideal thing to do in a situation as such. Be sure to brush up and improve your English communication skills before approaching your child's teacher. The main reason being, the teacher would definitely prefer to converse in the English language and besides an English speaking conversation in a set-up as a school is perfect.

Though we do understand that speaking in English with your child's teacher could get slippery, especially if you are not well- versed with the language. Hence, here's an example to refer when you find yourself bound in such a situation.



You need to go to your child's school to inform the teacher about her absence for the next three days and to submit a written leave application.

Conversational Example:

Bruce (Father): Good Morning Ma'am! Am I interrupting you?

Khloe (Teacher): Good Morning. No, not really.

Bruce: Can I have a minute please?

Khloe: Sure.

Bruce: I am Bruce, Caren's father. I am here to inform you that Caren (daughter) will not be attending school for three days here on.

Khloe: Oh. Well, that's actually fine as we are not doing much on the academic front in the next week as the annual day for the first and second grade is coming up soon.


Bruce: That is a great news!

Khloe: Yes. However, what is the reason? Is everything fine?

Bruce: Yes, Thank you. All is well, we're just heading to my hometown to celebrate Caren's grandparent's golden jubilee anniversary.

Khloe: Okay. No problem. Though you will have to submit a written leave application stating her full name, the class along with the division and the dates of her absence all mentioned clearly.

Bruce: I am carrying that along with me. Here you go. Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

Khloe: You're welcome. Have a good day too.

Effective Communication skills:

Perfecting effective communication skills in English language is not an easy undertaking. Here is where practice will play the role of a trump card and work towards improving your spoken English communication as well as bring out the right amount of expressiveness and effectiveness in your speech and conversation. Understand the tone in which you speak and tweak it according to the environment.

For example:

Some places like the bank, a school, an ATM, an office, a staff room, a hospital, the police station, etc. require you to tame your voice down and speak in a gentle, clear and polite tone.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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