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How to create a promotion letter in a professional format setting?


A promotion letter is written with the intention of rewarding the employee in the current job for outstanding performance in the past quarter or for achieving an unachievable target. Promotion letters are those that follow an extremely rigid format and may/ may not vary as per the seniority of the promotion. The English language in such letters has to be professional and crisp.

As an HR executive, you issue these promotion letters on the orders of the management at the prior consent of your company. You have to pay heed to the fact that the letter has to convey the message to the employee effectively, however, in simple English. To write an effective promotion letter, you have to pay attention to the following steps:

Top 6 steps to include:

1. Mention the name and designation of the receiver.

2. While writing the salutation make sure to be precise with regards to the position of the employee.

3. Mention the reason of promotion. If the promotion is based on the performance, appreciate the efforts. You should also congratulate the employee and inform him/ her about the increment and new designation. While mentioning all of the above, avoid any miscommunication, confusion or grammatical error.

4. Be as gentle as you can with your words. You could go that extra mile and congratulate the employee yet again. Ask the employee to get in touch with the accounts department, if any confusion in regards to the new salary package.

5. While closing the letter involve a thanks & regards.

6. Write your name with the designation and your email address.

Sample Letter:

Mr. Renfred D'chuna

Shri Karan Apartments,

Plot no- 91, Flat no. 3,

Sector- 29, Gurgaon,

New Delhi.

Dear Mr. Renfred D'chuna,

Consequent to the review of your performance during the last year, we are pleased to promote you as the 'Content Manager' of our organization.

We are glad to present you this opportunity and hope you will continue to contribute substantially to the success of our organization, as done in the past. We believe you will completely justify the confidence placed in you by the management and officials.

A separate communication on the details of your salary revision is being sent to you; please do go through that as well.

Congratulations and wishing you all the best!

Thanks & Regards,

Neha Dhanu

Human Resource Manager.

Having drafted the email/ letter, print it in duplicate and take one signed approval of the employee. In addition, it is vital for you to hand the letter over to the employee personally by inviting him/ her into your cabin. In doing so, very subtly make use of your spoken English skills to convey across to the employee that he/ she is a great asset to the company. Also, mention that the company is entrusting this grave responsibility with an underlying faith in his/ her potential and capabilities. Lastly, be kind enough to congratulate the employee on his/ her achievement in well- spoken English. Wish him/ her luck and maintain a smile throughout the entire conversation.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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