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10 English Body Idioms


Idioms are a group of words whose meaning is different from the literal meaning.  Idioms are expression, a phrase. They have hidden meaning. For Example- “Kick the bucket”, it means to die. There are many other idioms too which are related to body. These are known as Body idioms.

Some of the Body Idioms are:

1. All ears:  full attention

Example- Her all ears were here when we were talking about that matter.

Example- We should keep all our ears open while listening to a teacher during a lecture.

2. Cold feet: nervous

Example- She was having  cold feet before the event.

Example- We had to help her calm down because she was having  cold feet.

3. Cost an arm and a leg:  very expensive

Example- I tried to convince her not to buy that phone as it would cost her an arm and a leg.

Example- Nowadays, it seems to be very difficult to buy anything as it costs an arm and a leg.

4. Get something off one’s chest: tell someone your problem

Example- She wanted to meet me because she had to get something off her chest.

Example- You should get something off one’s chest so that you can live happily.

5. Keep an eye on:  to take care or protect

Example- I am really worried. Please keep an eye on her.

Example- They appointed a watchman to keep an eye on the society.

6. Lips are sealed: promise to keep a secret

Example- I trust my best friend. I know her lips will be sealed.

Example- He told me to seal my lips till the party is over.

7. Makes my blood boil: makes me very angry

Example- It makes my blood boil when someone always tells lies.

Example- Today, teacher’s blood boiled as no one had completed their homework.

8. Pat on the back:  Thank you

Example- Today, our teacher was so happy that she patted on our back.

Example- He patted on the back because I helped him do his homework.

9. Pull one’s leg: to tease someone

Example- My friends always pull my leg no matter what.

Example- She always pulls my leg in front of everyone.

10. Give a hand, lend a hand: help someone

Example- We should always give a hand to someone in need.

Example- God will give a hand to us if we give a hand to someone in need.

We hope you liked this blog. These are some common idioms which can help you improve your communication skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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