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10 must know winter idioms


You know it's winter when you enter the last month of the year, December. Who doesn’t like winter or let’s say who doesn’t like to sit indoors by the fireside in the mornings and evenings with a hot cup of tea. We all love it.

Today, let’s learn a few commonly used winter idioms which when used, make the description of your article or story, beautiful and indescribable.


10 must know winter idioms

1. Snowed under

Meaning - to be overwhelmed, usually with responsibilities

Example –I don’t think I’ll get my leave sanctioned because I am snowed under with work.

2. Cold snap

Meaning -   a sudden arrival of cold weather

Example – For the past few days, it was very hot and humid, and all of a sudden since yesterday,there is a cold snap.

3. Put something on ice

Meaning – to stop doing something

Example – Why doesn't someone put ice on that deal?

4. The snowball effect

Meaning -when something small keeps growing in importance or significance.

Example – I think the new project seems small, but it surely has the snowball effect.

5. Dead of winter

Meaning - the coldest, darkest part of winter

Example – I would like to go to Antarctica in the dead of winter.

6. To be on thin ice

Meaning - to be in a risky situation

Example - If you keep asking her about her ex-boyfriend, you’ll be on thin ice.

7. To run hot and cold

Meaning - To be unable to make up one’s mind

Example – Siddhi’s feelings about him run hot and cold, one minute she loves him, and the next, she’s bored of him.

8. To break the ice

Meaning - To create a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere

Example – Danny was good at breaking the ice.He always knew what to say when meeting strangers.

9. Snowball’s chance in hell

Meaning - unlikely to succeed at something

Example – After the score of 400, it seems Australia has snowball’s chance in hell.

10. Pure as the driven snow

Meaning - to be innocent and chaste

Example – It’s not that she is from a rich family, but she is pure as the driven snow which made me fall head over heels in love with her.

The above winter idioms will help you to impress others with your English communication skills. Moreover, an English speaking course is all you need to improve your spoken English and train yourself to use idioms like a pro. Native English speakers use idioms commonly to increase the impact of their communication.


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- By Shailja Varma

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