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Five Must know Health Idioms


Idioms are phrases which native speakers of a language commonly use in everyday conversation. They add a certain color to the language and hence, are popularly used to express a situation more vividly. When you hear a phrase, such as in the pink (of health), you imagine a person who is in good health, perhaps feeling strong and healthy. These idioms serve to help us make a mental picture. In our day-to-day lives, we make use of several idioms. Health idioms come handy in the professional world to describe our wellbeing or current state. Today, let us delve on five health idioms that an English learner should know in order to communicate better in the professional world.

health idioms

5 Idioms about health

In bad shape

An individual who is unfit or unhealthy, physically or mentally, is considered to be in bad shape.


· He met with an accident and hence is in bad shape.
· After pregnancy she’s in bad shape and needs to exercise


A pain in the neck

A person who is annoying is said to be a pain in the neck. This is one informal idiom that you will mostly hear in the corporate environment.


· Getting work out of him is really difficult. He is a pain in the neck.
· It's a real pain in the neck to travel with kids onboard.

Fresh as a daisy

Feeling fresh or energetic. After a travel holiday, your colleagues may ask you how do you feel and you could reply, fresh as a daisy.


· After a beach holiday, I feel fresh as a daisy.
· This morning, he arrived to work fresh as a daisy

Feel blue

Feeling sad, depressed or unwell. This idiom is also used commonly by native English speakers, in both professional and personal lives.


· Since her breakup a few day ago, she has been feeling blue
· After hearing the demise of CEO, all the employees were feeling blue

Bitter pill to swallow

An unpleasant fact that a person needs to accept.

For example:

· For Raj, losing the contract was a bitter pill to swallow.
· After defeat, to declare bankruptcy was a bitter pill to swallow for him.

These are some common health idioms that are used frequently in the corporate world. As an English learner, it is best if you develop a liking to learn idioms. The usage of these can make you look smart and well-read. In today’s fast growing digital world, communication is the only tool that sets you apart from others. Improve your English and you can better your professional life in a shorter span of time. Join our spoken English program and let us guide you to a better and promising future.

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- By Shailja Varma

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