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7 must know animal idioms


Idioms are a great way to learn English. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes they sound serious. Generally, native speakers use idioms while communicating. But, before you use them, it is important to know the meaning so that you can use it appropriately in your conversation. Today, let’s learn some animal idioms and improve our spoken English.


7 must know Animal idioms

1. Copy cat

Meaning - a person who does the same thing as someone else


a- Trisha is such a copycat that she bought the same dress as mine.
b- My neighbor has bought the same television that we had bought, I think he is a copycat.

2. Dog days

Meaning - very hot days


a- During dog days of summer, I cannot sleep without AC.
b-  At times, during the dog days of summer, the stream dries up completely.

3. Fishy

Meaning – odd, suspicious


a- The crowd at the station was extraordinarily noisy which made me realize that there was something fishy.
b- After looking into the matter, I suddenly felt that something was fishy.

Animal Idioms

4. The lion’s share

Meaning – the biggest part


a- Whenever my family orders pizza, I get the lion’s share.
b- My mother gives the lion’s share to me when she cooks my favorite meal.

5. Hold your horses!

Meaning - Wait a minute! Don’t be in such a hurry.


a- Hold your horses, you have just given the interview, you will get a call if selected.
b- "Hold your horses," said Ram, "you don't know when the movie even starts."

6. Kill two birds with one stone

Meaning - get two things done with only one effort


a- While returning back from office, get this list of groceries and also give clothes for drycleaning. This will kill two birds with one stone.
b- While writing your notes, try to read and understand it. This will save your time and also kill two birds with one stone.

7. Little bird told me

Meaning - I heard something (usually secretive or unknown) from someone


a- A little bird told me that you are thinking of quitting your job.
b- "Hey you know what, Meenakshi and Karan got engaged". "How do you know this, Leena"? "A little bird told me".

These animal idioms are fun to learn. They need to be regularly practised in conversations so that they can be used while speaking in English. For more, you can join an online spoken English class and take your communication skills to the next level.

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- By Chander Madan

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