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9 Phrases to motivate people


In our life we all meet people who are little nervous, confused or who have lost hope in some or the other way. If you consider yourself as a true friend, you can help your dear ones by motivating them with your kind words. This can surely make a difference in their life.

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9 Phrases for motivation

So here are some phrases that you can use to motivate your dear ones.

1. Give it a try: when someone is doing something for the first time but is nervous

Example- Radhika, give it a try, may be you will get it.

Example- Don’t lose hope just give it a try.

2. It’s worth a shot: when something is worth trying

Example- Why don’t you think about it? It’s really worth a shot.

Example- Try it once, trust me it’s worth a shot.

3. There you go: When someone is doing well, but you encourage them to do it in a better way.

Example- Don’t be nervous Riya, there you go, and you are really doing a great job.

Example- There you go Mahesh, don’t give up.

4. There you go again: when a person is doing a wrong thing again

Example- I had told you that you shouldn’t talk to him but there you go again.

Example- There you go again with that bad habit.

5. Keep up the good work: to keep someone motivated.

Example- You are scoring excellent marks in exams, keep up the good work.

Example- Keep up the good work of helping others when in need.

6. Good job, I am so proud of you: when you are happy with someone’s work and you motivate them to do it in a better way.

Example- My father was very happy after seeing my results and said, “Good job, I am so proud of you”.

Example- Rakhi I am so happy for you, you really did a good job, I am proud of you.

7. Hang in there: when someone has lost hope but you try to motivate them.

Example- Dude I know, it’s difficult but hang in there, it would be really worth it.

Example- Hang in there, don’t worry everything will be resolved.

8. Never say die, stay strong: when someone is losing hope but you believe in that person.

Example- I know you can do it, stay strong.

Example- Please don’t lose hope Reena, stay strong.

9. Keep fighting, keep pushing: when someone is losing and you try to motivate them.

Example- We can win this tournament, just keep fighting, and keep pushing.

Example- If you really want that trophy, you need to keep fighting, keep pushing. Just don’t give up.

These were some of the motivational phrases which can surely motivate your friend or someone who has being going through bad days. Try to motivate them by using these above phrases.

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- By Shailja Varma

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