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9 words used to describe that you spend too much


Is your friend too extravagant? Did you understand the meaning of extravagant? No, right. It means a person who spends his/her money in a wasteful or careless way. There are many other words which can be used to describe a person who spends way too much money.


9 words used to describe that you spend too much are:

1. To splash out: to spend money on things which are not actually needed.

Example- She is the one who always splashes out and then says that she does not have enough money.

Example- He tries his best not to splash out so that he can save money for future needs.

2. To chip in- to give some money to help pay for something.

Example- Can you please chip in?

Example- Nowadays many people come to our house to chip in & contribute for NGOs.

3. To squander- to spent wastefully

Example- She is the one who always squanders and then complaints that she does not have enough clothes to wear.

Example- We should teach our children the importance and value of money so that they do not squander in future.

4. To burn a hole in one’s pocket- when someone can’t keep from spending whatever money they have.

Example- She can’t save her money she just has to burn a hole in her pocket always.

Example- There are very less people who burn a hole in their pocket to fulfil other’s needs.

5. To shell out- to spend a certain amount of money for something.

Example- I am not going to shell out much money for that dress.

Example- He tries his best not to shell out much because he knows how difficult it is to earn that much money.

6. To buy for a song- to buy something at a cheap price.

Example- I bought those jackets at the price of a song.

Example- She is very greedy for money. She always buys for a song.

7. To splurge on- to spend extravagantly

Example- Ram always splurges on because he is not the one who earns money in his house.

Example- She always get scolding from her mom because she splurges on.

8. To foot the bill- to pay for a bill

Example- Dude don’t worry, I will foot the bill this time.

Example- If you don’t mind can you please foot the bill this time, as I forgot to bring my purse.

9. To go dutch- when both the partners pay the bill instead one paying it completely

Example- In a relationship, they should go dutch to avoid fights.

Example- One of the reason for break ups nowadays is because the couples do not go dutch.

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