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Crazy Idioms you need to know


Using English idioms while communicating improves your communication skills and impresses the people around you. It shows your command on English vocabulary and the presence of mind.

In our idioms and phrases category, we have discussed many different types of idioms.Today we will discuss some ‘Crazy Idioms’. Let’s see what these idioms say.


10 crazy idioms you need to know:

1. More holes than Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is delicious but, it is very hard and has many pale yellow or white holes. So, the idiom indicates, if something has more holes than a cheese, it has a lot of problems and the important issues are not highlighted.

E.g. I can’t read this essay, it has more holes than a Swiss cheese.

2. Chew the fat

This idiom is used when people discuss something casually just for the sake of passing their time.

E.g.  Generally, women meet their friends to chew the fat.

3. Blow one’s top

This idiom means to lose one’s temper and go crazy with anger or rage.

E.g. We should not do things which will blow one’s top.

4. Hit the roof

It means to get very angry on something.

E.g. As we had not attended the session, our class teacher had hit the roof.

5. Go ballistic

This means to get very angry and irrational.

E.g. While maintaining a balance between personal and professional life, many people go ballistic.

6. Pop one’s cork

It means to lose one’s temper.

E.g. By asking so many doubts just before the exam, she popped my cork.

7. Go bonkers

This idiom is related to the behavior of person where he/she acts crazy and behaves in a silly way.

E.g. No matter how tense the situation is, people must not go bonkers and burst their tension on their near and dear ones.

8. Go off the deep end

This idiom means to give way immediately to an emotional outburst, especially of anger..

E.g. While discussing casually, some people often go off the deep end which is not the right attitude.

9. Harebrained idea

This idiom is used to indicate a silly or totally impractical idea or suggestion.

E.g. We will be unable to achieve our target, if you contribute harebrained ideas with us.

10. Cat got your tongue

This idiom means that suddenly a person becomes quiet

E.g. The angry boss asked his employee," What happened , answer me. has the cat got your tongue?"

Using above phrases in your daily casual communication will enhance your vocabulary and spoken English Skills. You can browse our other related articles on our site as and when you want.

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- By Shailja Varma

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