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Funny food idioms you need to know


In our day-to-day life, we come across funny idioms.  Idioms are explanatory and effective in getting a strong message across.  Usage of such idioms in communication makes the discussion interesting without any misunderstanding. It conveys what exactly the person wants to communicate but the point is that  these have to be understood by the person himself. Idioms can add a lot of fun in your communication especially when you are talking about food. In the following section, some idioms are discussed in a brief and you will definitely enjoy them.

Icing on the cake

1. Icing/Cherry on the cake: Something nice that is added on something else which is already good.

Example: The employee’s promotion with  good appraisal and posting at his native place was just like icing/cherry on the cake.

2. A piece of cake: Something which is very easy to do

Example: I was worried before my first academic exam , but it was like a piece of cake.

3. Big Cheese: An important and high authorized person

Example: No one can challenge the honorable PM, Mr. Narendra Modi. He is a big cheese for India.

4. One smart cookie: a very intelligent person

Example: People who work in NASA, Google, Apple and Microsoft are all smart cookies.

5. Cup of tea: Something which is not matching with your interest or ability.

Example: Western dance is not my cup of tea.

6. Cream of the crop: the best person/thing

Example: Her husband is the cream of the crop in her life.

7. Nuts about something/someone: like a lot

Example: These days, I have just become nuts about old Bollywood songs.

8. Take with a pinch of salt: don’t completely believe on other’s statements and thoughts

Example: Ram, you should take your decision on your own, take with a pinch of salt to what others are saying.

9. Lemon Law: an American Law which protects those who buy defective goods or especially defective cars.

Example: Unfortunately, his new car had an engine defect but he received a complete refund with the help of lemon law.

10. Bad Apple: troublemaker, criminal

Example: Actor ‘Mr. Pran’ is still  known as the ‘Bad Apple’ in Bollywood films.

Hope the above explanation was ‘Cherry on the cake’ for your learning as it consists of knowledge with fun. We will soon publish another article for ‘Fun Idioms You Need To Know - Part 1’. You can read and browse other related blogs/articles and download our ‘Simply English App’ which will enhance your English grammar and speaking skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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