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How to improve English with funny idioms?


Idioms are an everyday figure of speech which is taken in a light and a humorous way. The figurative meaning of the idioms makes the sentence often go against the logical “rules of language and grammar”.  Native speakers use these idioms daily in the conversation which not only improves English but also helps to get the command over the language. In today’s blog, we’ll teach funny idioms which will help improve your English-speaking skills.

funny idiom to improve English

5 Funny idioms you must know

1. Do a runner

This idiom means to leave a place in a hurry to avoid any punishment. Do a runner idiom was originated from one of the Shakespeare’s plays, Anthony and Cleopatra, a gripping story of romance and tragedy that was first performed in 1606.

Example – After the intense murder, the killer did a runner.

2. Fall off the back of a lorry

Fall off the back of a lorry is a British idiom which is a humorous way of saying you are trying to sell something that’s stolen or illegal. In American English, this idiom is said something like this - off the back of a truck.

Example - I don’t know from where you get these expensive mobiles. I suspect off the back of a lorry.

3. Cat’s arse

The idiom cat’s arse means the facial expression adopted by a scorned woman or is described as a person, whose facial expressions resemble a cats arse. This idiom is said to be used because of the (*) shape created by the woman’s lips which look like a cat’s backside.

Example – I think Sri won’t drink alcohol –he’s afraid his girlfriend will give him the ‘Cats Arse’ if he does that.

4. All talk and no trousers

 All talk and no trousers relates to a person who says about doing big, important things but doesn’t actually take any action.

Example – Politicians are like all talk and no trousers. Before the election, they will say many things but after the election, they will not do anything.

5. More holes than a Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is hard and has many holes in it. It is said if something has more holes than a Swiss cheese, then it has a lot of problems or there might be something wrong with it. However, it can be considered as  incomplete or lacks important components.

Example - You can do far better, Sin. This idea has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

These idioms are regular yet funny and when used correctly may make a huge difference in your communication. So, we would be bringing you few more funny idioms in our next blog. Till than can you can join our online spoken English class and learn to speak like a native English speaker.

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- By Shailja Varma

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