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Idioms based on Hair


Hair is the personality of a person, especially women. It makes them look beautiful. Everyone has a unique hairstyle which makes their appearance different. While some flaunt it, others nag about it. Whatever you do, you express it with words and phrases. These expressions are nothing but idioms and phrases. These idioms have a figurative meaning. Let us learn some expressions about hair that is generally used by a native speaker.

Bad hair day

Must know hair idioms

1. Split hair

– Split hair means paying too much attention to differences that are very minor or unimportant.

E.g. I think we should stop splitting hair or we will never reach the conclusion.

2. Hair's breadth

– If one avoids a thing by hair’s breadth then he/she manages to escape from a danger.

E.g. The debris of the building fell off suddenly, and missed the people standing beside by a hair’s breadth.

3. Make hair stand on end

– When someone is absolutely terrified of something, it makes their hair stand on end.

E.g. Watching horror movies make my hair stand on end.

4. Bad hair day

Meaning –
This idiom is very commonly used. It is referred to as a humorous comment of one's hair being unmanageable. It is further said as a day when nothing goes right or when everything seems to go wrong.

E.g. I sometimes feel every day is my bad hair day.

5. Get in someone's hair

– If you get in someone’s hair means you are annoying them so much that they can't get on with what they are doing.

E.g. I would have completed my project before 30th if Trisha wasn't getting in my hair all the time.

6. Widow's peak

- A V-shaped point formed by the hair in the center of the forehead is called a widow's peak.

E.g. I think you should follow a strict diet as I can see a widow’s peak.

7. Let your hair down

Meaning -
If you suggest someone to let their hair down, then you are telling them to relax and enjoy themselves.

E.g. We are on an unofficial picnic now. You can let your hair down.

8. Tear one's hair out

– If someone is tearing their hair out then they are extremely disturbed or concerned about something.

E.g. I have been tearing my hair out all night trying to find the error.

The above hair idioms are fun and will help you to impress others with your English communication skills. Moreover, an English speaking course is all you need to improve your spoken English and train yourself to use idioms like a pro.

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- By Chander Madan

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