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Idioms based on Time


There are many idioms based on food, colour, music and so on. In today’s blog, we will share idioms related to time. Since time is very valuable, we would not waste your time and start with the blog straightaway.


10 must know time based idioms

1. Have the time of your life

Meaning – It means to have a fantastic time

Example – Neeta is having time of her life in Goa.

2. Time is money

Meaning – Time is money means time is valuable/ important.

Example – Whatever you do in life, just remember, time is money.

3. In the interim

Meaning - In the interim means in the meantime; the time between the ending of something and the beginning of something else.

Example – I am going for shopping now, so in the interim I’ll meet Suzi and give her a surprise.

4. All in good time

Meaning – This idiom is used to refer in the near future or soon.

Example – When are you getting married? All in good time.

5. The time is ripe

Meaning – When the time is ripe it means it is a good time  for something to happen.

Example – You are very lucky because the time is ripe for you.

6. Once in a blue moon

Meaning - This idiom means once in a while, rarely.

Example – I don’t eat chocolates. I have it once in a blue moon.

7. Better late than never

Meaning – This idiom means it is to do something late, rather than never do it.

Example – I think we should do the project now, because it is better late than never.

8. On the spur of the moment

Meaning – On the spur of the moment means to do something without any preparations.

Example – The dance they performed was on the spur of the moment.

9. Living on borrowed time

Someone is living on the borrowed time means they are not expected to live much longer.

Example – I think his grandmother is living on borrowed time.

10. Against the clock

Meaning – Against the clock means to race with time or get something done before a speculated time.

Example - I finished my exam paper against the clock.

Hope the above explanations were up to your level of satisfaction and you gained more knowledge and communications tips to use those idioms in your day to day communication to become more familiar with the vocabulary. You can even browse through our other related articles encapsulated in various categories of communication skills and usage.

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- By Shailja Varma

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