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Idioms related to heart


‘Put your heart, mind, and soul into the smallest of the acts that you perform. This is the secret of success.’

Have you heard this quote? It means if you put all your dedication into doing something, you will taste success. There are innumerable English idioms related to heart and each has its own charm. Let us put our heart today in learning some common idiomatic expressions related to ‘heart’.

Heart idioms

Learning popular idioms using the word heart

For students learning English as a second language, here’s your chance to learning something that you can use in your daily conversations.

1. To (one’s) heart content

Meaning- To do something as much and as long as you want.

Example- He is so fond of strawberries, that he ate them to his heart’s content when he went to his native place.

2. Cross (one’s) heart and hope to die

Meaning- To say nothing but the truth.

Example-Really  I had locked the doors before leaving the house, cross my heart and hope to die.

3. A heart of stone

Meaning- When somebody behaves cold, or unfriendly.

Example-That man murdered his wife.He has a heart of stone.

4. Follow your heart

Meaning- To do what you think is right.

Example- I think you should follow your heart and pursue modeling.

5. Eat your heart out

Meaning- When somebody shows jealousy.

Example- I am going on a long vacation, you can eat your heart out then.

6. Young at heart

Meaning- A person who maybe old but enjoys things usually done by young people.

Example- Ram is celebrating his silver jubilee anniversary in Paris; he is still young at heart.

7. From the bottom of (one’s) heart

Meaning- To do or believe in something sincerely.

Example- He loved his dying girlfriend from the bottom of his heart and so he may not marry ever.

8. Change of heart

Meaning- Change in somebody’s attitude or feelings.

Example- His mother had a change of heart once she saw his son’s love for Geet.

9. Wearing (one’s) heart on sleeves

Meaning- To show your feelings and emotions to others.

Example- You could see he was impressed by her charms – he wears his heart on sleeves.

10. Half-hearted

Meaning- To do something without enthusiasm.

Example- His attempt at new business was half-hearted and you could clearly see it in the lack of research.


Idioms are the phrases that you can use in your daily conversation and sound like a native English speaker. You can join our online spoken English classes and learn more about idioms and phrases to sound smart in your communication.

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- By Shailja Varma

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