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Idioms related to money


Learning English idioms is essential if you want to speak like a native English speaker. We live in a money-driven world and learning a few expressions will only help us better our communication. The idioms that we discuss today will necessarily not have the word money in it, but will be related to the powerful word M. So, let’s talk money.

Money idioms

8 Expressions about money

. A penny saved is a penny earned

Simple, not spending money is equal to earning money.

Ex: I carry my lunch to work every day as I believe a penny saved is a penny earned.

2. Have a good run for money

To enjoy something for long.

Ex: Buying that smart TV was a good run for money.

3. To save for a rainy day

To save money for an emergency in future.

Ex: I have opened a recurring account in bank to save for a rainy day.

4. Money doesn’t grow on trees

It means money is not easy to earn. This is a popular saying among parents to discourage their children from buying unnecessary stuff.

Ex: Raj, I can’t buy you this automated car; money doesn’t grow on trees and we have earned it the hard way.

5. Money talks

It means money is a powerful weapon and can make anything happen.

Ex: Don’t worry, you will get your passport on time; money talks and I know how to influence a certain bigwig.

6. To be in the hole

It means to be in a debt.

Ex: I think my company is in the hole and hence, many of the supervisors are looking for opportunities elsewhere.

7. To grease palm

To bribe someone for getting something done.

Ex: You have to grease a lot of palms if you want that NOC for your residence.

8. Time is money

It means time is precious/valuable and needs to be used with care, just like money.

Ex: Time is money and I am not wasting it by standing here and waiting for that one bus.


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- By Chander Madan

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