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Idioms related to sea


In our recent blog, we listed vocabularies related to beach, sea, and ocean. Today, we will explain expressions and idioms related to the sea. May it be a beach, ocean, or a sea, who doesn’t love spending time and relaxing there. Many times, when you are with your colleagues over a casual chat, you might have heard idiomatic expressions that are figurative in nature. For e.g. It is raining cats and dogs. However, this sentence means it's pouring. Let us have a look at the idioms related to sea and oceans.


6 must know idioms

1. A beach bum

Meaning – When someone spends a lot of time at the beach we call them a beach bum. This idiom is used in a negative way.

E.g. He never meets his friends, always go to the beach and spends time thyere without any company.I think he is a beach bum.

2. Not the only pebble on the beach

Meaning – It means he/ she is not the only important person in a place or situation.

E.g. Since Sia has been promoted as a Group Head – Sales, she feels she is on the top of the world and no one would ask her anything. But she needs to realise that she is not the only pebble on the beach.

3. The world is your oyster

Meaning – When you tell someone that the world will be their oyster, you say that all opportunities will be open to them and they can get everything they want from life.

E.g. Once you complete your engineering degree, the world will be your oyster.

4. Make waves

Meaning – It means to shock or upset people with something new or different.

E.g. Did you check her new haircut?She is trying to make waves with her not so cool haircut.

5. Run a tight ship

Meaning – This idiom means to control a business or other organization determinedly and effectively.

E.g. Our new boss is managing the office very well. She runs a tight ship.

6. Life’s a beach

Meaning - Life is good or easy

E.g. Taking every situation in a positive manner makes life easy and makes you feel like life’s a beach.

Hope you got a gist about idioms related to sea and oceans. There are many more idioms related to sea which we list in our next article. Stay tuned. Using idioms will help you to improve your command over the English language. You can even join our online English tutorials to enhance your communication along with your spoken English skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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