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Idioms used to shut someone up


In your day to day life, you meet many people with different behaviors and attitudes. Some are short-tempered, some are down to earth while some are shy and others are talkative. While maintaining a friendship with them, you might have surely faced a situation where you had to stop someone from talking rubbish things. Situations like these need to be handled calmly without actually offending the person. In this blog, we bring you idioms that can be used to shut someone up.

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8 Idioms to shut someone up

1. Put a sock on it – This is an impolite way to say, someone, to keep quiet.

Example - Can you just stop making that noise or else put a sock on it.

Example - Either put a sock on it or  I quit the party.

2. Cork it - to keep quiet

Example - Can you please tell him to cork it?

Example - She was so irritated that she told George to cork it.

3. Pipe down - informal way to tell someone to stop talking.

Example - You are making a mess of the matter. Can you please pipe down?

Example - You should just pipe down if you don’t know anything about it.

4. Zip up - to keep quiet.

Example - If you are going to support her then it is better if you zip up rather than arguing with us.

Example - If you are not aware of it then better zip up your mouth.

5. Shut your pie hole - a rude way of telling someone to be quiet.

Example - You only know to shout and blame others. Better you shut your pie up.

Example - Raj was so angry at her that it was really hard for them to shut his pie hole.

6. Wind your neck in - rude way to tell someone to calm down.

Example -  Can you please relax and wind your neck in?

Example - I am not talking to you unless you wind your neck in.

7. Simmer down - to calm down

Example - Can you please try to simmer down rather than being aggressive.

Example - Sometimes in life, if you face a situation wherein you need to be aggressive, just simmer down and relax.

8. Button up - telling someone rudely to be quiet.

Example - She is going to get a tight slap if she does not button up.

Example - Their friendship came to an end because Keerti did not button herself up.

Practicing these idioms in your day to day communication will make you more familiar with the meaning and improve your English-speaking skills.


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- By Shailja Varma

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