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Learn idioms that are used to describe people


Idioms play an important role in English language. They help to express your feelings in a figurative manner. In today’s lesson, we will describe people and their characteristics with idiomatic expressions. These people might be your friends, cousins, co-workers and to some your family members. All these characters are different from each other and have a unique differentiating factor through which we identify or know them. Let us learn the unique idioms that will help describe people.

couch potato

7 must know idioms to describe people

1. Barrel of laugh

We say someone a barrel of laugh, who is very funny and makes you laugh all the time with his funny jokes for every situation. Although over years, the meaning of this idiom has been associated with people who have an annoying sense of humor.

E.g. Danny is such a barrel of laugh.

2. Clock-watcher

A clock-watcher is someone, who is least interested in the current activity, and always keeps watching the time.

E.g. I hate to be a clock-watcher unless I am in a hurry.

3. Daydreamer

A daydreamer is someone who is always dreaming even during the day when they should be focusing on their work.

E.g. During exams,  I often become a daydreamer.

4. Cheapskate

People who have a lot of money but rarely spend on anything or don’t spend it at all, can be called as a cheapskate. These  people are also called ‘Stingy’. In other words, they never spend money or try to avoid spending to an extreme degree.

E.g. Sonia is such a cheapskate, that she always commutes by bus in spite of having a good salary.

5. Lone wolf

People who prefer to be alone or love their own company and do not socialize.

E.g. Sachin is such a lone wolf, he never attends any parties.

6. Rough diamond

Rough diamond can be said about someone who seems impolite or is not well-educated, but has a kind heart and good character.

E.g. Kapur may look like a rough diamond but he is vary caring and helpful in nature.

7. Goody-goody / Goody two shoes

Goody-goody / Goody two shoes is a person who always acts good, sweet, or nice, and follows the rules perfectly. They never do anything bad or rebellious. However, these words are not compliments - they have the connotation of a person who always acts good and shows off his/her perfect behavior.

E.g. Maria was a goody two shoes in school, but when she went to college she turned into a real rebel.

Practicing these idioms in your day to day communication will make you more familiar with the meaning and improve your English-speaking skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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