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Learn idioms with the word 'let'


“Let”, a small three letter word is used more often as an idiom than any other word. There are various idioms with the word ‘let’ and it's essential to know them and their meaning. In this blog we will explain a few idioms which will help you improve your English communication skills.

let's fly

6 idioms with the word let

1. Let the chips fall:

Not to worry about the effects of your actions.

   He decided to admit the mistake with her and let the chips fall wherever they may.

   Although the plan was a risk, he decided to go ahead with it and let the chips fall wherever they may.

2. Let your heart rule your head:

Do something based on emotions rather than logic.

   Sometimes, it pays off to ignore all logic and let your heart rule your head.
   Do not trust someone whom you don’t know. It may lead your heart to rule your head.

3. Let bygones be bygones:

Forgive someone or something he/she has done in the past.

   The two nations came together and let bygones be bygones.
   They had a fight for a long time but at the end they let bygone be bygone.

4. Let fly something:

To throw something or shoot something from a weapon.

  After the argument, the wife let fly the utensils out of the house.
  The army let fly the bullets on terrorists and killed them.

5. Let it be known:

To inform people about something.

   He let it be known that he was going on vacation for next one week.
  Let it be known to everyone that you have won the first prize.

6. Let’s shake on it:

Let us mark this agreement by shaking hands on it.


Ajay: Good idea. Sounds fine. Vijay : Okay, let's shake on it. Bill : Great!
Bob: Do you agree? Mary: I agree. Let's shake on it. Bob: Okay

7. Live and let live:

Not to interfere with other people’s business or preference.

   I always live and let live when the two parties fight with each other.
   I don't care what they do! Live and let live, I always say.

8. Let in:

To permit someone or something, to enter something or some place.

   Jack forgot his key in the school. Can Jack let in our house for tonight?
   It was raining heavily so I let in the boy to stay in our house for 2 hours.


From the above elucidation you must have understood few idioms with the word let. You could also join online English training courses to learn English and improve your English communication skill.

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- By Chander Madan

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