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Learn phrases to describe the character of a person


In our day-to-day life, we discuss  different characters and behaviors of people around us. If at all we don’t discuss, we judge and assume a specific phrase as an “adjective for them” according to their character.

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Let us today learn some phrases/ words that can be used for describing the character of a person.

1. Social butterfly

These kind of people are very active  as they love to talk or socialize with several people. They don’t hesitate in talking with new people and they are very fit and comfortable chatting with different people like a butterfly flies  from one flower to another.

2. Barrel of laugh

As per old English, this phrase is used for a very funny person who makes people around him/her laugh. But as per new English, this indicates that an individual laughs and makes people laugh with annoying sense of humor by targeting some of the people around them.

3. Arm chair critic

The people who have a behavior of criticizing all the time and they always pass the orders and comments by simply sitting on chair which doesn’t help at all.

4. Busy body

The busy body is used for a person who is always busy  interfering in other’s lives with the intention of knowing everything about everyone.

5. Party pooper

The people who spoil the fun in party  with their negative attitude and action,  are known as  ‘Party Poopers’.

6. Oddball

When it is difficult to predict what a peson might say and what he might mean, he/she is called as an ‘Oddball’.

7. Slime ball

This is indicated for the person who is very disgusting with someone  and who  deserved to be hated.

8. Daredevil

This kind of a person is the one who has an attitude of taking risks unnecessarily and doing extremely dangerous activities just for seeking  attention.

9. Behind the times

This phrase is used to indicate people who are very old fashioned and behind the times. They don’t prefer new ways as they are very rigid.

10. Old as the hills

The phrase has been used to describe a specific thing which has been in existence for a very long period of time.

Hope you have understood the phrases which are to be used while describing the character of a person. For learning more phrases read our other related articles from our blog site. Even you can join our online English speaking course to enhance your vocabulary as well as grammatical skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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