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Learn these spooky Halloween idioms- Part one


Halloween is a festival which is celebrated in many western countries. People remember the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed souls. However, in India, we don’t follow Halloween so there are only a few people who are aware about it. In today’s blog, we will explain some idioms that are based on Halloween. It is related to some scary and spooky images like witches, black cats, blood, skeletons, ghosts, bats, weapons (knives, daggers) as well as less scary images like pumpkins and owls.


Now, let’s see Halloween idioms: -

1. Scared stiff

This idiom indicates an individual who is frightened because of seeing some bad situation.

E.g. When I saw the road accident while coming from school, I was scared stiff.

2. Look daggers at

This means to look at someone with the feeling of hate or anger.

E.g. My friend gave him a daggerred look when I revealed his secret in front of all.

3. Skeleton staff

Skeleton staff is used when there is a requirement of fewest no. of people in the office.

E.g. Start-up companies work with a skeleton staff.

4. A ghost town

This idiom is used to describe a certain place which has been abandoned and is no longer inhabited. 

E.g. In India, there are many villages which have become a ghost town due to many supernatural stories.

5. Put the knife in

When you say something that is very unpleasant or unkind to someone.

E.g. Mr. Patil put the knife in by insulting him in front of all.

6. Bats in the belfry

This idiom means to be silly and slightly crazy and behave in a confused way

E.g. Don't tell anyone else I said that or they'll think I've got bats in the belfry. 

7. Smell a rat

This idiom is used to indicate about suspicion over a thing which is pretending to be something or someone else.

E.g. He said that the examination paper was easy but he smelt a rat, 

Hope you got a gist about Halloween and related idioms. There are many more idioms related to Halloween. Stay tuned. Using idioms will help you to improve your command over the English language. You can even join our online English tutorials to enhance your communication along with your spoken English skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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