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Love idioms- let us learn a few!


Idioms are a great way to express your feelings. They are short and funny at times. Learning love idioms will help you express your feelings to your loved ones in a much more dramatic way. Let us learn a few idiomatic expressions about love that can add stars to your love life.

Love Idioms

Love idioms

1. Blind date

A date where two people have never met before.


- I always wanted to go on a blind date.
- Meena was invited for a blind date.

2. Crazy about

To be very much in love with someone, to be very enthusiastic about something.


- The boy is crazy about the game.
- Shivaan is crazy about his new car.

3. Date

To go on a date with someone, to have a date with someone.


- I am dating my boyfriend since 2012.
- Ritu saw her sister with a guy whom she was dating 2 years back.

4. Double date

A date where two couples go on a date and do something together.


- Yesterday, Rina and Rana went for a double date.
- Why don’t you guys go out for a double date?

5. Get hitched

To get married


- Priyanka is getting hitched to her boyfriend this year.
- Akshay asked the love birds as to when are they getting hitched.

6. Head over heels in love with

To be very much in love with someone. To be completely in love with someone.


- He was head over heels in love with her.
- Nitin fell head over heels in love when he saw her for the first time.

Love Birds

7. Love at first sight

To fall in love with someone or something the first time that you see him or her or it.


- It was love at first sight when I met Vishu.
- My love at first sight is Shahrukh Khan.

8. Dump (someone)

To end a relationship by telling someone that you do not want to see him or her again.


- Karthik dumped her girlfriend few days back.
- Meenal threw all her gifts given by Raj because she had dumped him.

9.Break up with (someone)

- To end a relationship with someone.


- They broke up after six years.
- Why don’t you break up with him?

10. Puppy love

Strong feelings of love (infatuation) usually between school-age children or teenagers.


- Harshal and Sayeli were in puppy love during school time.
- It was their puppy love that bloomed into a serious relationship after years.

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- By Shailja Varma

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