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Phrasal verbs based on 'To Think'


Phrasal verbs are two-word phrases combined of a verb and a preposition, a verb and an adverb, or a combination of both. These phrases are easy to learn when you understand their meaning individually. The best way to learn them is to understand them as you encounter them. In today’s blog, we will learn phrasal verbs based on ‘to think’.


7 must know phrasal verbs

1. 'To think of'

To think of has two meanings. The first one means something that you know and you can suggest it to someone else.


I can't think of any examples to prove his point.

Can you think of some more ideas for my project?

The second phrase means to think about the possibility of doing something.


I am thinking of going to New York this Christmas.

She is thinking of venturing into export/ import business.

2. ‘To think up’

To think up means to make something using your thoughts.


I am not attending today evening’s meeting, but I can't think up an excuse.

We will have to think up a very strong reason for not attending the party.

3. 'To think ahead'

To think ahead means to make plans and arrangements for the future.


I have to think ahead for my destination wedding.

We are not thinking ahead about the USA trip.

4. 'To think over'

To think over means to give some serious thought before deciding anything.


I need to think over it, if it is the right decision.

She said she will think over it and give a favorable response to it.

5. 'To think through'

To think through is closely related to the above phrase, to think over. This phrase means to give some serious thought and the possible consequences related to it.


We need to think through whether we can do it without any problems.

I will think through it and let you know if we can take this forward or not.

6. 'To think back'

To think back means to look back at past things.


While browsing Facebook today, I saw my college photos and started to think back.

Don’t you feel, you are thinking back too much about your past?

7. ‘To think out’

To think out means to plan something completely before you start doing it.


You need to think out other options as well.

She hadn’t thought it out properly before starting her presentation.

You will understand these phrasal verbs when you understand their meaning and start using them in a sentence. You can join a spoken English course to help clear your basic concepts of English and grammar.

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- By Shailja Varma

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