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Phrases for Spring and Summer


After enjoying our favorite season, it’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome the warm weather. With warm weather comes colorful spring followed by the summer season. These seasons can be associated with many phrases and expressions , which we use in everyday life.

Phrases for spring and summer

Let’s learn some of these phrases for spring and summer.

1. He’s/She’s no spring chicken

Meaning - This saying means that this person isn’t so young anymore.

Example –Sally's no spring chicken, but she plays a fine game of tennis.

2. Fresh as a daisy

Meaning -Daisy is a flower which is fresh and healthy.

Example – A good food and a good sleep makes me feel fresh as a daisy.

3. Chasing rainbows

Meaning - Chasing rainbows means trying to achieve something that’s not possible or not practical.

Example – He’s so crazy for actor Vin Diesel that he does everything to meet him but who will explain him that it’s not possible to chase rainbows.

4. A ray of hope

Meaning - A ray of hope is a tiny bit of hope that can be found in a tough situation.

Example – After passing the exam he got a ray of hope in terms of getting a job.

5. Brighten up the day

Meaning – Something or someone who makes you feel good and happy for the rest of the day.

Example – Music always brightens up my day.

6. Garden variety

Meaning – Nothing special

Example - I don't want anything special in a TV-the garden variety will do.

7. Social butterfly

Meaning - Social butterflies are people who like to gather around people.

Example – Mrs. Sharma is such a social butterfly that she attends three parties in a day.

8. Money doesn’t grow on trees

Meaning – This phrase means to be careful with how you spend your money, because it’s not that easy to get more of it.

Example – Spending money is easy but earning it is hard, because money doesn’t grow on trees.

9. A spring in one's step

Meaning - Walk with happiness and energy

Example – She is walking with a spring in her step.

10. April showers bring May flowers

Meaning - This phrase is a way of saying that bad or unpleasant things can lead to good things happening.

Example – Shruti believe in yourself. Everything happens for a reason. May be April showers bring May flowers for you.

These phrases for spring and summer can be used in your everyday conversations. Learn its correct meaning and use them appropriately in a sentence. You can also join an online Spoken English course to learn English speaking.

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- By Chander Madan

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