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Phrases to discuss about sleep


Sleep is very important for our body. It keeps us fresh and energetic. Sometimes, when we do not get a good night’s sleep, we feel so irritated because our brain cannot function properly. And this may be a very common topic of discussion amongst our friends and parents and others too. So, here are some phrases which you can use.


Phrases to discuss about sleep

1. Tossing and turning: not being able to sleep properly

Example - Reena was tossing and turning the whole night because of the next day’s presentation in the office.

Example - Shifting of the house was the main reason why Ram was tossing and turning the whole night.

2. A Night Owl:  who stays up late at night

Example - Akshata’ s mother always complains about her that she is a night owl and then will not get up early in the morning.

Example - The people who are night owls cannot get up early in the morning and have to do all the routine in a hurry.

3. An early bird:  who wakes up early in the morning

Example - The early bird is the person who has a great future ahead.

Example - Netra is an early bird and goes for a walk every day.

4. I’m going to take a cat nap: to take rest

Example -  Arinijita always takes a cat nap in the afternoon.

Example - The senior citizens should always take a cat nap.

5. Rise and shine: a friendly way to wake up someone

Example - Deepika came to my house and she was trying to rise and shine me but unfortunately I was in a deep sleep.

Example - My mother opened the curtains and told me to rise and shine.

6. To get up at the crack of dawn: to wake up early

Example - She is the only one in the family who wakes up at the crack of dawn.

Example - He is a very hardworking person, he gets up at the crack of dawn to study.

7. Go straight to sleep: sleeping immediately after completing a task

Example:  My mother was shouting at me to switch off the TV and go straight to sleep as I was tired after coming from the classes.

Example - As soon as he reached home, he went straight to sleep.

8. Take a nap: to sleep during the day

Example - She was so tired today that she took a nap for 1 hour.

Example - Taking a nap can help the brain to function in a better way.

9. To pass out: to accidentally sleep

Example - She didn’t even realize that she passed out while studying.

Example - Raj could not complete his homework because he passed out.

10. A heavy sleeper:  who doesn’t wake up easily at night

Example - My mother is a heavy sleeper. She sometimes cannot even hear the alarm

Example - Our neighbor’s house caught fire but they were not aware of it because they are heavy sleepers.

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