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Sports idioms and its use in business and daily life


We live in a country that is crazy about sports. Don’t you all agree that India is a sports loving country? Although we may not play sports that much, we definitely love to watch sports, especially cricket. Remember, how your office turned into a cricket stadium during the recent world cup matches. At moments like these, you hear a lot of idioms from sports enthusiasts and wonder what they mean. Today, let us learn about the idiomatic expressions related to sports and how you can use them in your business and daily life.

5 must know idioms related to sports

1. Keep one’s eye on the ball

To keep your attention focused on the task at hand. To remain alert and focused. In sports, players need to keep a track of the ball and hence this idiom is often used by commentators. In the business world, keeping an eye on the ball is usually used to tell someone to pay attention to a situation.

Example: You all are instructed to keep an eye on the ball as our client will be making random inspections this week.

2. Drop the ball

To make a mistake. This idiom hails from sports  when a player misses a ball, he is looked upon with disappointment.

Example: He dropped the ball when he turned down their offer.

3. In pole position

To be in the winning position. This expression comes from the motor racing sport where pole position is considered to be an advantage to start the race.

Example: Our company is in pole position to win the contract.

4. The ball is in our court

This is a very common phrase used in the corporate world. It typically refers to a situation where a person is held in-charge to make the next step.

Example: We have offered him a great hike, so the ball is in his court now to make the right decision.

5. Call the shots

To make important decisions. This expression has also found its way in the business world. It is used when a person is held responsible to take initiatives and decide how things need to be done.

Example: In the absence of our manager, he will be calling the shots.


If you make use of appropriate sports idioms at the right situations you will be a front runner – a person who is expected to succeed. So, take this lesson as a head start and put your mind in learning about idioms. Improving your English will help you take great strides in your career. Fasten your seatbelts and if you need any help, join our online spoken English program to fine tune your communication for the corporate world.

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- By Chander Madan

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