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8 Slang words to describe disappointment


In life, there are times when we feel low and upset. This situation comes when some unexpected things happen. We all, for sure, might have faced this kind of situation at least once in our lifetime. However, these things are very common and expressing them in English is not uncommon. In this blog, you will learn about some interesting slang words to express and describe disappointment.

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8 slang words to describe disappointment

1. Bummer or Bummer days - something that upsets or depresses you.

Example -   Yesterday was a bummer day.

Example -   She had almost put me into a bummer when she revealed the secret about him.

2. Depressica – a female who is upset or sad over a guy.

Example -   She has been a real  depressica because of his rude and unbearable behavior.

Example -   Women who often face depressica are the most caring people.

3. Soul sucking - something that depresses you

Example -  His struggle story to achieve the goals are really soul sucking.

Example -   When she saw him crying, she was soul sucked.

4. Burst one’s bubble -  to be disappointed because of something or someone.

Example -   Our movie plan got cancelled because the rain bursted our bubbles.

Example -   She bursted my bubble, when she came to my house to reveal my secrets to my parents.

5. Butt-hurt -  friendly insult or friendly hurt.

Example -   Don’t be a butt hurt. She was just making fun of yours.

Example -  He never understands the joke, and always butt hurts.

6. In the dumps - feeling depressed or upset.

Example -  I am in the dumps, since I have not talked to her.

Example -  My friends came to meet me because they feel that I am in the dumps.

7. Boohoo -  noise or sound of crying

Example -  Keerti started to boohoo as soon as I picked up the phone.

Example -  I had to beg her not boohoo, for the silly reason.

8. In a funk - to be sad

Example -   She was in a funk when her brother was leaving for Chennai.

Example -  He was in a funk when he knew that his best friend is going to settle in Kerala permanently.

These are the slang words that can be used to describe disappointment. But remember that these slang words can’t be used in a formal communication. They are very much part of our daily English usage, so it’s important to know about them. You can try to use these slang words in your daily routine as this can surely help you improve your English and vocabulary. You can also join an online English speaking course and learn English.


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- By Shailja Varma

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