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How to cheer your favorite sports team?


Of late, a number of world cup seasons have concluded. First, it was the Indian Premier League (IPL) and most recently, the FIFA world cup, which had the whole world hooked.

As an Indian, chances are that you are very passionate about some or the other sport – there is a reason why Cricket is said to be as good as a religion in India! And if you are a sports fanatic, you surely have a favorite team or player as well. Someone that you follow devotedly, avidly pray for and cheer them fervently.

Did you know that even while cheering for your favorite sports team, you could practice and use your English speaking skills?

For instance, your friends and you are watching a T-20 cricket match between Rajasthan Royals and Mumbai Indians – your favorite team. There is a friend who does not know much about cricket, or about the various teams. You decide to grab this opportunity to get this clueless friend on your side. The only thorn here is that how do you do it?

sports team

Caption: Watching cricket with friends? Why not use the situation to practice some English?

Let us help you out:

You: (to the clueless friend) So, which is your favorite team?

Friend: Umm… not anyone really. I am not much into cricket.

You: What are you saying? You got to love the Mumbai Indians, it is such an amazing team!

Friend: Really? I don’t even know the players in the team.

You: Let me enlighten you then. The team belongs to none other than the God of cricket, Sachin Tendlukar. It has other stalwarts like Michael Hussey, Zaheer Khan, Lasith Malinga, Rohit Sharma and many more. Oh! Watching them play is such a treat.

Friend: That’s impressive. So are they winning right now?

You: The game of cricket is unpredictable, and that’s what makes it interesting! This game has just started; let’s see what happens. Come, let’s cheer for the Mumbai Indians together.

Caption: Cheering for your favorite team in good English!
See, it’s that simple

A conversation is always a great opportunity for improving spoken English. However, you can also use your polished spoken English skills as you cheer for your team. Confused? Don’t be, here is an example.

How do you cheer for your team? Do you simply chant your team’s name: Mumbai Indians…Mumbai Indians!!!

But for how  long can you do that without it getting boring?

There are many other fun ways you can cheer for your team. For instance, you could say, “Go Mumbai Indians, go!” or “You are the tigers! All power to Mumbai Indians”

Don’t these sound a lot more impressive, while giving you a chance to put your English skills to use?

Practice time

Write down five phrases, using which, you can cheer your favorite sports team.

Caption: Learning English online has many advantages: it is convenient, flexible and effective!

If you are wondering how to do that with your limited English knowledge, fear not. Practice with whatever you know and go on improving along the way. If you need any help, there are a number of online English classes where you can learn and improve your English communication skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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