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Learn English using social networking sites


Learning something new in today’s world has become much easier, thanks to the internet. Learning a new language is now easy with the help of the internet. The development of the internet and technology has given a chance to reintroduce yourself. Gone are the days when people used to ask permission for joining English classes. Today’s generation is one step ahead and so is their learning method. Learning English involves much more than studying a textbook, doing tests, and practicing dictums. The internet provides a great option for learning and improving your English skills. You get a chance of interacting with people with different cultures via social networks and at the same time improve your English language skills. Let's look at the most popular social networking opportunities that will help you in improving your English.

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Social Networking Sites

Social networks are comparatively a new trend. People are increasingly conversing online using these social sites.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a social networking service where you can create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages. Here, you can also join common-interest user groups that you find useful.For example,find groups related to English communication skills and join the one that you find relevant. You can even like good pages that will help you develop your English skills. You can learn new words, writing skills and methods from experienced writers all over the world through various groups.

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2. Skype

Skype allows you to make voice calls over the Internet, anywhere in the world. You can invite your Facebook friends to chat with you on Skype. This platform is emerging as a teaching platform that helps students connect with teachers and like-minded people to learn new things. Skype helps you to improve your English speaking skills and also develop listening skills. You can even find teachers on Skype who offer traditional English lessons along with an informal group that can help in your communication skills.


3. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site that provides you with  limited words of expression. This can prove very helpful for improving your English, as you eliminate unnecessary words. Like if you are writing a poem, you can choose the best words to communicate with. Twitter does not allow you to the pointless communication about a topic. Whatever you want to say must be within the limit of 140 words.

You can even use YouTube as a social media tool to learn English. These sites are of great help for people who spend most of their time surfing the internet, as they help them develop their English skills.

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- By Shailja Varma

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