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Learn quick ways to express your emotions through interjections


In our earlier blog, we provided a fun guide to interjections which help us in our day to day conversation. Interjections are words for the emotions and expressions that we make. These interjections words depict our emotions like surprise, agreement, disagreement, sarcasm, shock etc. In today’s blog, we will explain interjections to be used to express your emotions which will help you in your everyday conversations using “expressive interjections”.

These interjections can be found at the start of a sentence which is generally followed by a comma or an exclamation mark.


5 interjections for emotions


These interjections are used when they want to express sarcasm. Remember to use them only with your close friends as using them in business and social context might be offensive. 


Duh is used in reaction to the extreme obvious statement.


Hey, do you know Mark Zuckerberg is the Founder of the Facebook?

Me: Duh!


Whoop-dee-doo is used when you want to say something that is not as great as it seems. It’s like “Who cares?”


Hey, people, I won Miss Mumbai contest.



La-dee-dah is also similar to the above one expressing “I don’t really care,” in reaction to somebody else trying to sound impressive or show off.


My boyfriend is so rich that he presented me a BMW for Valentine’s Day.

La-dee-dah, whatever.

2. OUCH / OW

Ouch/ Ow can be used for showing pain when you accidently hurt yourself.


Ouch, I hurt my finger by the nail on the corner of the table.


Oops / Whoops can be used when you make a mistake, or react to a mistake:

To make a mistake:

Oops – I just spilled the milk all over the table.

Wait, I’ll get towels to clean it up.

Reaction to a mistake:

I borrowed a book from my teacher and then left it on the rickshaw.

“Whoops! Are you mad?”

4. AHA!

Aha is used when you suddenly discover or understand something, as a thinking word, to express contempt.


During Math exam: “Aha! I got the answer.” (finding)

Contempt: Ah! Look what she has done!

Understanding: Ah. I see what you mean.

Thinking: Ah… that’s not exactly what I meant.

5. Doh!

Doh used when you do something stupid!

E.g. I just deleted all my photos. Doh!


Interjections are an excellent way of expressing an emotion, but be careful and avoid overusing them. Learn the appropriate use of interjections by joining an online English class.

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- By Chander Madan

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