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Points to remember while avoiding nosy people


Many times in life, we find people who poke their nose in every matter. They are curious to know everything that happens in our life. Sometimes it becomes difficult to avoid these people as they might be our friend or a close relative. We don’t like to answer each question. So, in today’s blog, we are bringing you some English phrases which will help you avoid answering an unwanted question.


6 phrases to be used

1. (Sorry) That’s personal

This phrase must be used properly in appropriate situation. When someone asks you too many personal questions that you may not want to answer, you can use this expression.When you are in a group and someone asks you something personal to which you do not wish to answer, just smile, and use this expression.

2. Why do you want to know?

This expression should be used carefully as it sounds a bit rude. If you are in a situation where someone asks something that you feel is none of their business, use this expression. This can be used when you don’t want to share any information.

3. No comment

This is one of the most common expression used when you don't want to comment on something. Most of the times it is used sarcastically. When there is any sensitive or controversial issue, you can use this expression.

4. Let me get back to you

There are times, when people ask you things that you don't have answers for. Or sometimes, you are unsure whether you should answer the question or not, at that time using this phrase will help you get some time.

5. I would rather not talk about it

Some topics or issues are sensitive, unpleasant, and painful. Like for example, breakups or any other sad news. If someone asks you about your relationship or breakup, then you can say I would prefer not talking about such things.

6. Wait and see

This phrase is used when you don’t want to answer a particular thing. You can use this phrase and tell someone to wait and watch.

The above words are used by a native speaker while avoiding nosy people. We will list some more expressions in our next blog. Learn these words and use them in your communication and improve your English-speaking skills.You can browse through our other related topics which will help you to learn stronger vocabulary. You can also join our online English learning course which will enhance your spoken English skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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