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Points to remember while avoiding nosy people – Part one


In our last blog, we listed few points that will help you avoid answering nosy people in a polite way. A fluent English speaking skill will provide you with the base of strong and polite communication skills. Everybody wants to know what is happening in your life. However, not all are comfortable sharing their personal details. For example, questions like, how much money do you earn? How many men have you been dating? Why are you taking a day off? Salary, relationship status etc.are private topics and noteveryone would like to discuss it.

Nosy People

6 points to remember

1. I am sorry, that’s confidential

This is a direct and honest expression that should be
usedwhen you are not going to share the asked information. Though you might have heard this phrase by a doctor saying, “Sorry, we can’t reveal the information. That’s confidential. So, it is polite to use this as you make an apology first and then saythat it's confidential.

2. Mind your own business

This expression is very rude. So, it should be used very carefully. Unless you feel a person is asking you too many personal questions that you don’t want to answer, use this expression. It
shouldbe used only in extreme cases.

3. Answer like a politician

A politician always answers in a diplomatic manner. He smiles and politely gives an indirect answer related to the topic rather than the question. For example, if someone asks you about how your salary, you can start talking about the economy.

4. Humour

Add some
homour to your and make the question light and civil.

5. I am not at liberty to say

It is a nice way to use this expression when you don't have the freedom or authority to reveal out some information. For example, if you know something that is confidential and if someone asks
youabout it, use this expression. It is polite and non-offensive.

6. I will tell you when you are older

Children are curious to know things that happen in nature. Sometimes, they ask something that is related to adulthood. At such moments, it becomes difficult to answer them. So, this phrase is very useful to let kids know that they need to wait for
sometime to know about such things.

These are some more expressions, that can be used to avoid nosy people. Don’t forget to smile and be as polite as you can. Use fluent English to add a spark in your conversation.You can also join our online English learning course which will enhance your spoken English skills.

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- By Chander Madan

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