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Slang Words You’ve Got to Know


You might have heard words like dunno, cya etc., from your friends. Most of us know the meaning of these words But, have you ever wondered what these words are actually called? These words are called slang words, and they surely are a craze among youngsters.  Today, it’s impossible to be in a nightclub, or at a cutting edge art gallery, without hearing the latest slangs. These are nothing but idioms and expressions, which make other adults scratch their head.


7 Slang word you must now

Before you scratch your head to find some slang words that are in trend now, let us look at some slang words that are generally used in casual communication.

1. My bad

If anyone has made any mistake, the phrase “my bad” is said. What it appears to mean: “I was bad!”

2. Cool

Cool refers to something at a low temperature. For example, “I like to keep my beer cool.”In the slang world, cool has a different meaning. It can mean something awesome; something that you really think is great. It might also express that you are feeling calm and all right.For example, “that movie was so cool” or “don’t worry, I’m cool.”

3. High

In English, high means to be in a position at a great vertical distance. For example “the mountain is too high.” When used informally, high refers to the positive physical feeling that people experience when they take illegal drugs. It also refers to being overjoyed (extremely happy) with something. Examples are “I’m so high I can’t even think clearly”.

slang words

4. Dead/Died

Dead means lifeless or to have no more life. “Our dog is dead” or “My grandma is dead” are some examples. In a casual way, it means something which is just too overwhelming for you. Here are some examples: “I just saw Shahrukh’s new look, I died” or by a sales team"This lead is dead".

5. Turn up

Turn up in formal English can mean turning up something like the sound volume, making it higher or louder. Like for example “Can you turn up the volume a bit? I can’t hear the song.” In informal way, it means to make an appearance. You can say “she did not turn up for Prisha’s wedding.”

6. Killin’ It/Killed It

Just like the word slay, the phrase killin’ it doesn’t mean that you’re actually killing something. There’s no way to use this phrase formally unless you really mean that you are killing something like “that cockroach is disturbing me, I’m killing it!” In slang usage, killing it means doing something great, good or awesome. For example: “She killed it through her dance performance”.

7. Dude/Bro

Dude means a man or a guy. In the same manner, bro also means man or guy. In slang meaning, dude or bro is used for a casual conversation between guys. Example: “Bro, I hate you”, “Dude, just chill”.

Slang words can’t be used in a formal communication so beware of these words. They are very much part of our daily English usage, so it’s important to know about them.

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-By Chander Madan

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