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Teen slang words one must know


Slang words are informal language words that are used by the teens and youngsters. Today, it’s impossible to be in a nightclub, or at a cutting-edge art gallery, without hearing these slang words. These are nothing but idioms and expressions, which make adults scratch their head. Don’t worry, this blog will explain you slang words along with its meaning.

teen slang

10 slang words you must know

1. It sucks / that sucks

Meaning - It might not be the right phrase to be used in every situation. It should strictly be used with friends. The meaning of the phrase refers to something that is worthless or disgusting.

Example – I failed in economics. Is it? It really sucks!

2. Zonked out

Meaning - Zonked out means feeling tired or exhausted. It may also mean to be very drunk.

Example – You look zonked out. Yeah, yesterday’s party was hell crazy.

3. Dork

A person who has very strange interests and who does not care about what people think about him, is called a dork.

Example – Didn’t Selena come to the party? No. She is a dork at most of the parties.

4. Cheesy

Meaning – Food lovers would relate it with some delicious cheesy dish. But in reality, teens use this term when they want to refer to something of very low quality.

Example – Don’t say cheesy dialogues to impress her.

5. Goof off / Goof around

Meaning – Goof off means to play around in a very silly manner and waste time.

Example – These days we are goofing around and wasting time very often.

6. Janky

Meaning - Something which is very old or of inferior quality.

Example – We do have a car. But it is a janky car so I hate to drive it.

7. Ace

Meaning - Someone who is really good at something or something very skillful.

Example – I like the way you play your guitar. I mean you ace it.

8. Hang out

Meaning – Hang out means to spend time with someone.

Example – We are hanging out at Xperia café since noon.

9. On fleek/ fleenkin’

Meaning - This slang term is used to describe something that is close to perfection, especially, in the eyes of a teen.

Example – You look fleekin’ in this outfit.

10.   Zero Chill

This slang means you are not cool and not popular.

Example - You: I can’t come for a party this weekend!

Friend: Zero chill, girl, zero chill.

These are the slang words that are used by teens. But remember that these slang words can’t be used in a formal communication. They are very much part of our daily English usage, so it’s important to know about them. Join an online English speaking course and learn English.

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-By Chander Madan

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