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5 useful tips to prepare for a call center job


The concept of going to an interview to find a job is nerve-wracking. However, you should understand the fact that you are not alone, there are a number of other candidates as well who attend interviews and some go through the entire process oozing confidence and zeal. What more does an interview need besides job proficiency and polished spoken English skills. This article will not only cover how to go about the interview process but also help you with training for a call center after the interview as well.


About Call Centers:

Call centers, often known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO's), is a booming industry that has seen the crack of dawn approximately twenty years ago. Their professional profile has them providing outsourcing services in the field of finance, IT, Engineering and Customer service. Call centers are the most popular services that pertain to the BPO industry. Today, call centers attract people for both employment as well as business purposes. The rise and growth of the BPO industry have brought about a level of certainty that this industry will continue to grow and will result in more opportunities on the employment front.

Let's take a look at a few tips to keep in mind before attending an interview call at a call center:


1. Identify your skill:

Applying for a job without knowing what you excel in is the first wrong step towards building a career in any firm/ industry. On the call center front, you get to choose from the field of IT, Finance, Customer Service/ care, etc.

2. Create a cover letter:

Having a well- updated resume is crucial yet having a well- expressed cover letter is probably even more important than you think. Write the letter extremely to the point and emphasize on your expertise to give them a fair idea of your field of interest. Also, maintain an English fluency throughout the cover letter to minus the chances of negative marking.

3. Submit your application:

Submitting your application is the easiest step in the process. Here is where your resume and cover letter is going to be inspected and based on which you can secure an opportunity for an interview or lose one.

4. Take efforts to prepare:

While you're expecting a call back from the company, now is your time to prepare and learn English speaking fluency uninterrupted. You could enroll yourself in an online English-speaking course to help you tackle the language barrier.

5. Practice for the interview:

Be futuristic in your thoughts and do the required research to understand the questions that could be thrown your way. Some of the basic questions to look out for include, "Tell us something about yourself", "What skills can you contribute to this company?", "What stands you out from the other applicants?" etc. Be swift with your replies and remember to have a good grip over your spoken English vocabulary to give you that extra edge.


In an interview, along with the above preparations, the most important tool you can carry along is your confidence. Be confident and smile effortlessly to add a touch of maturity to your experience.

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- By Monika Agarwal

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