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Avoid these nervous mannerisms in an interview


As an interview candidate, what you say during your job interview is important, however, the way you present yourself also does matter. Know that not only your spoken words but also your body language is also observed by an interviewer. Understand that your chances of scoring a job are based on two crucial points:

1. Your spoken English communication skills.
2. Your body language.

Avoid these nervous

Here is a helpful article that will guide you as to how to send the right message with your body language during an interview.

Five nervous mannerisms to avoid during a job interview:

1. Avoid bad postures- Many a times, unknowingly, we tend to sit and stand in a particular posture, which conveys a wrong message or meaning to the observer. Understand the fact that body language refers to mannerisms, gestures, as well as postures. In an interview, you want to avoid nervous body language such as crossing and uncrossing your legs, playing with your hair or clothes, touching your face time and again, scratching your head and many more. Sit still and stay focused to deliver what your interviewer is looking for, of course, playing your trump card, your excellent English communication skills.

2. Avoid a loose hand shake- The way an individual shakes hands itself says a lot about the person's personality. A handshake is a sign of introduction and could make or break your interview at the very start. Similarly, make sure you do not have sweaty palms while entering the interviewer's cabin, as that is the most common sign of nervousness. All you've got to do is to clasp your interviewer's hand with a firm and confident shake. Also, greet him or her simultaneously with a smile in fluent English.

3. Shifty eyes are a BIG no-no- Often ignored, though maintaining a strong eye contact with the interviewer proves to him or her that you are well-prepared. Keeping a loose eye contact depicts either boredom or a lack of confidence. Also, keep in mind to avoid being 'shifty-eyed', which is a term to describe an individual who looks at the interviewer and then elsewhere, time and again. Such candidates with shifty-eyes are often considered dishonest and two-faced.

Quit the artificial smile

4. Quit the artificial smile- Just because you are going in for an interview and want to hide your nervous state of mind, smiling isn't a requisite. Understand the fact that an artificial grin that is used too often could have your interviewer think you to be pretentious. Experts do recommend to wear your smile, however, over smiling or smirking could backfire and take away the opportunity you had developed by wooing the interviewer by your English speaking fluency.

5. Avoid sitting in your interviewer's face- Each individual has a different perception of personal space and everyone should ideally respect that. Especially, when you're in an interview, it is vital for you to sit at least three feet away from the interviewer, instead of speaking in his/ her face. At the same time, be sure to sit in an erect posture.


A concluding line that will benefit you throughout all the interviews you give in life is to mimic your interviewer's body language and probably take a few cues here and there to be on the safer side.

P.S: If he/she is in a rather casual body language, expel the mimicking plan at the earliest.

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- By Chander Madan

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