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Grooming tips for a job interview


You will read a lot of tips that prepare you to face an interview. The kind of attire that you should wear, the mannerisms that are appropriate to use, and the attitude you should carry for success, but, not much is said on grooming tips for a successful job interview. Like it or not, you will be judged on your appearance as well, no matter how skilled and qualified you are. The most important aspect are your interpersonal skills, your conduct and your intelligence in replying to the questions.

Grooming tips

Pre-interview tips

Wear your confidence and speak fluent English are the two key guidelines to crack an interview. In addition, let us look at a few grooming tips that will come handy to create a first good impression.

1. Shine your shoes

Interviewers notice your tidiness and one way to do is to  look at your shoes. If your shoes are messy or dirty, you may be the same in your job as well – this is a common notion. Therefore, make sure to shine your shoes before you head for an interview.

2. Wear neat clothes

Moving forward, your attire should be stain-free and odour-free. Wear a freshly ironed shirt and trouser. The more neat and suave you look, the better are your chances of making a positive impression.

3. Comb your hair

No matter how much you have travelled to reach the interview location, it is vital that you visit that you make your hair right before going in for the session. Brush and comb your hair and put them away from your face, don’t let it come on your face while you are in the middle of an interview.

4. Learn to pronounce key names

You can go through the company’s website and get a hang on their products and key personnel. Learn to pronounce the names rightly so as to not embarrass yourself in front of the interviewers. Besides, it will improve your chances of getting the job as you may come across as well-prepared.

10 Quick tips

1. Speak English fluently and with confidence

2. Trim your fingernails
3. Leave flashy jewelry at home
4. Never chew a gum
5. Carry a portfolio always
6. Arrive fifteen minutes early for the interview
7. Shake hands firmly
8. Maintain an eye contact throughout
9. Wear a smile and a positive attitude
10. Never interrupt or argue

 Hope the above tips will help you crack an interview with flying colors. All the best.

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- By Chander Madan

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