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How to answer confidently in an exit interview?


You have gathered the courage to put down your resignation and look for greener pastures elsewhere. The time has come to bid adieu to your current organization and take a stride in your career. While it is imperative to move and look for opportunities to flourish, it is equally important to end a relationship on a positive note. You never know when you may cross the paths with your current organization. Exit interviews present a tricky situation for most employees. You may be in the best of terms with your organization, but the HR personnel would still dig deeper to find out the true reason behind your decision. Don’t stress, as today, in our English learning session we will delve on how you can confidently answer in  an exit interview.

Tips to prepare for an exit interview

Here, we will discuss on useful tips to make your exit processes easier. So, let’s look at three common questions and the answers that might come handy.

Why are you quitting?

From a company’s perspective, this question is very important as they want to gain an insight into areas that may have led to an employee’s departure and these may be the manager being very uncooperative or the growth in your position was stagnant. Based on your replies, the HR may try to convince you to stay. This is a part of employee retention process that most companies follow. Be honest but at the same time diplomatic when you reply to this question. Be objective and don’t show any disappointments. For instance you can say, my manager and I had shared a cordial relation but we were never on the same page when it came to process change. It is time for me to move on and pursue new goals.

Were you satisfied in your position?

Companies want to know whether its employees feel satisfied in their roles. Here, you can voice your grievances on lack of training or uncooperative team. However, ensure not to be brutal in your replies. The new company where you are moving might call your old employees to get your feedback which you definitely don’t want to tarnish. Be honest, don’t sugar coat but also don’t be brutal.

Given a chance, would you rejoin us?

Now, this is tricky question. You were probably unhappy and therefore decided to quit. You could frame your reply on these lines like I am more of a creative person and the level of creative writing required here is minimal. However, in future, if the company ventures into the creative arena, I may be open to grab opportunities.


Exit interviews help companies gather insights into areas that they need improvement in. A constructive feedback instead of showing feelings of enmity is welcomed. Your English communication will play a vital role in confidently answering exit interview questions. Brush up on your English speaking skills and prepare your answers in advance so as to not fumble while putting your points across. You can join our online spoken English class and improve your communication to grow in your personal and career life.

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- By Shailja Varma

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