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How to Face an Interview with Confidence?


Most of us remember our first job interview. The time when we are the most nervous and don't have a slight clue what an interview meant. Every experience teaches you a thing or two, especially when it comes to interviewing. We get more confident, fluent and smarter after years of working. One common question our tutors have come across over the years,

"How to improve English fluency while facing an interview?"

First of all, you are nervous and on top of it the interviewer is asking you difficult questions you are unsure of. How can a person, who is under extreme pressure, focuses on getting his language right? While it is normal to be a bit nervous before appearing for an interview, it is vital that you manage to make a good first impression. It all depends on how confident you are in that brief 15-30 minutes that decides your future. Let's look at some tips that can help you come out of an interview with flying colors.

Don't stress yourself with 'I can't speak English' thought

This is what we suggest our students. Most of them come to us before appearing an interview with a question, how to speak English fluently in an interview? When you are in front of an interviewer, don't think about English at all because that will make you nervous. It is important that you practice English speaking daily to get a grip on the language. It is better if you could enroll in an online English class as they provide interactive lessons to help you learn the language faster.

Read newspapers, books, magazines and watch English movies and shows. It is not something you should do on the day of going for an interview. You cannot improve English skills overnight as it takes a lot of practice and dedication.

So the key is to prepare as much as you can before the interview and sound confident all the while. If you are confident about your abilities, there would be no stumbling block in your success, not even English. It's only when you get conscious about your English would you make a mistake. If you just listen to the interviewer and give insightful answers, language will only help you better your answer.

Now, let's look at some common interview questions and their probable answers.

Q. Tell me about yourself, in brief?

A. I have done my Electrical Engineering from Agnels College, Bangalore. My hobbies include basketball, cycling, traveling in and hiking. I started my career as a junior engineer with XYZ Company. I've been working with the company for three years now."

Q. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A. I believe my strongest strength is my punctuality. It has helped me a lot to start my work on time and give better productivity. My weakest trait is my hesitation in asking help.

I am a good team player and that is my biggest strength. I am also a good listener. My weakest trait is my English ability. I am studying hard and I am sure I will improve my communication skills in no time.

Q. What are your near goals in life?

A. My goal is to perform exceptionally well in my new job. I plan to use my strength and knowledge to contribute to the company's growth and success.

We shall discuss more such questions and answers in our upcoming blog. Until then, keep on improving your English fluency.




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