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How to introduce yourself impressively in an interview?


You have freshly graduated from college. Your next big step is to hunt for a job. Meanwhile, when you are hunting, you get a call for a job interview. As it is your first interview, you are confused about how to prepare, what to wear etc. There will be an endless bunch of questions arising in your mind. Stop worrying. We are here to guide you on how to prepare for your interview.

Generally, first impressions are considered to play a major role in an employer’s eye. What you say during the first round of the interview makes a big difference in the result. Hence, it is important to keep yourself groomed with the interview manners.

3 Steps to impress

Once you reach your interview destination you will be attended either by the HR or by the hiring manager who will come out to meet you at the reception area. This is the time to use your English communication skills and impress the interviewer with your introduction. Offer a handshake, because it is regarded as a good etiquette to your part of the introduction. Greet the interviewer by saying something like, “It is a pleasure to meet you.” Wear a smile all along as you make an eye contact.

For example: "I am Raj, it's a pleasure to meet you."

1. During the interview

Your interviewer will start the interview by asking you to introduce yourself. You must precisely highlight your interests, skills, personal qualities and experience, if any. Start with your most recent job, mention qualifications and end it on professional qualities. Also, focus on your achievements that draws attention to your accomplishments.

2. Keep it short

While introducing yourself, try to keep it simple. A long introduction may distract the interviewer. The best way to introduce yourself is by preparing a brief speech, which would be easy to remember, and you can easily say it on a go. You have to be confident, to create a good impression on the interviewer. Make sure you don’t take up more than a minute for introducing yourself. Instead, give your interviewer the chance to lead the conversation.


3. Be ready for follow-up questions

With your introductory session, the interviewer may follow-up with more questions. Therefore, it's important to support your declarations with the right information. Prepare yourself and provide specific examples of how and where you have utilized your skills to successfully carry out work, academic projects, or other productive endeavors.


Remember to keep an eye contact and be confident while answering the questions. Before you go for an interview, brush up your Spoken English skills to make a lasting impression on the employer.

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- By Shailja Varma

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