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How to participate in a Group Discussion


What is a Group Discussion?:

Group Discussion plays a major role in selecting the final candidate in any interview. It is a method used for testing the potential and the behavioral aspects of the candidates. It is also a method used to test the fluency of the candidate.  As the name suggests, it’s a group activity and it is carried out by the individuals who participate in the activity. It is an activity in which the participants exchange their views on a particular topic. It is regarded as one of the best tools to assess the potential of the candidates who participate in this activity.

What are the requirements to participate in a group discussion?

Here are some of the tips for participating in a group discussion.

Get Ready:
If the topic of the discussion is known
to you from before, then you can How_to_participate_in_a_Group_Discussion2prepare yourself in advance. First of all you have to decide which position you want to take. After that, try to collect information about it.  Try to do a vocabulary research so that you can use different kinds of words while talking about it. Make  a list of the new words and also practice their pronunciation.

Listen Carefully:
Listening is very important in any discussion. So you should try to listen to others very carefully.

If you want to participate in a group discussion, you should have excellent spoken English skills. You should be able to talk very fluently in English. In a group discussion you are required to speak on a topic and that is why you should have good communication skills.

Good Pronunciation:
you should speak clearly and
confidently. Good pronunciation is essential when you
participate in a group discussion. As others will be listening to you, so you should speak very clearly without any hesitation.

Importance of Spoken English in Group Discussion


You have to be very fluent in English if you want to participate in a Group Discussion. In any group discussion you are required to speak continuously on a topic, so good communication skill is a necessity. The speech should be without grammatical errors. Use of correct vocabulary will be an added advantage. Group discussions are also conducted to test your fluency, pronunciation and communication skills. Listening is another important aspect of a group discussion. In any group discussion you are required to listen to others. If your listening skills are poor, then you won’t be able to concentrate. Effective listening will help you respond to others in a better way.

Importance of Spoken English Courses

How_to_participate_in_a_Group_Discussion4Nowadays many companies prefer to use group discussion for the final selection of candidates. Also it is a means to check your oral communication skills. One can join a Spoken English Course to improve his/her speaking skills.  Nowadays, many spoken English courses are conducted online. The spoken English tutors are very efficient and experienced. You can join the spoken English course and thus help yourself improve your fluency and pronunciation. Different group activities like group discussions, role plays, debates are used in a spoken English class to improve fluency.

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