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Practice English Speaking While Waiting for an Interview


Interview_TipsMost of us are in a perpetual hunt for a good job. Job-hunting inadvertently means giving n-number of interviews. Have you imagined about the number of people you encounter while doing the rounds of interviews? No, we are not talking about the HR personnel or the managers who take the interview. We are talking about the fellow interviewees. The people who are also your competitors; who are vying for the same job as you, and who may be more pro, or even more nervous, than you.

1. While sitting at the reception

While you are sitting at the reception, waiting for your name to be called out so that you can go ahead and impress the interviewer; why not strike a conversation with the fellow interviewee? After all, from every type of communication, you will only learn something. After all, isn't it the first rule of learning spoken English to speak and practice whenever an opportunity presents itself! So, why not strike a conversation and speak in English when you can.

2. Conversation Starter

Now, you definitely cannot start a conversation out of the blue. You need to have a good conversation starter and also some ideas to keep it going. Fret not, for we are here to your rescue.

3. Situational conversation

We have been giving you tips and ideas to smoothly conduct various situational conversations, and we shall help you out some more! In this part of the 'situational conversation' series, we will shed some light on how to strike a conversation with your fellow interviewees.

4. Scenario at the waiting room

The scenario is like this: You are sitting in the reception area of a corporate office, waiting for your turn. Sitting alongside you are many other contenders. It will probably take you hours of waiting before your name is called out, so to pass the time, you decide to strike a conversation with the boy sitting next to you.


interview preparation

You: Excuse me, can you please tell me what time is it?

Suresh: Yes, sure. It is 1:30 p.m.

You: Oh! I have been sitting here for over two hours already!

Suresh: Same here. I guess we both reached here around the same time.

You: Yes. I thought I would go to my office in the second half, after I was done with this interview, but it seems, that's unlikely to happen now.

Suresh: Oh! You already have a job? Where do you work?

You: I work with ABC Corp. as a finance consultant.

Suresh: That is a fine company! Lucky you, I have been on a job search since six months now.

You: Well, my company has an opening for junior financial consultants. If you like, you can apply there. What is your qualification?

Suresh: I have completed my Bachelor's in Accounts and have over a year experience. It would be wonderful if I can get a job with your company.

You: You go ahead and apply, I'll see if I can do something about landing you a job there.

Suresh: Give me your email id and I shall forward my resume to you. Thanks a lot.


interview conversation

You: Here is my card. Okay, that's my name being called. Nice to meet you and all the best.

Suresh: All the best to you as well and thanks.

See that was not that difficult! All you need is ample practice and confidence.

The best way of improving and learning spoken English is to speak in English as and when you can. There is no substitute for practice when you are learning spoken English.

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- By Shailja Varma

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