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Simple tips to ace a job interview


Interviews always make us anxious and sometimes nervous. Even with a lot of preparation one may never feels he’s completely prepared for the interview.  An interview is often the gateway to one’s career and hence, preparing for it well in advance is important. With adequate research and preparation, one can improve his confidence level and thereby succeed in the interview. A key ingredient of a successful interview is excellent communication skills. Polish your English communication skills and ace the interview with the following tips.

Job interview

5 Smart tips to follow

1. Prepare for the common questions

Almost 70% of the companies ask common questions in order to know who you are, how well you handle different situations and pressures. Prepare for obvious questions well and you may most certainly move to next round of interview. The most common interview questions asked are,

”Tell me about yourself”

“Where do you see yourself in [2, 5, 10] years?”

“Tell us about an issue that you resolved on your own? How did you handle it and which resources did you use?”

Learn to answer them properly with suitable examples.

2. Tell stories

No, we don’t mean the bedtime stories. When interviewer asks any situational questions, you can think of any past scenario and answer it creatively. Using real stories from your past builds trust and credibility, and it supports your responses.

3. Ask questions

Often in an interview, interviewees don’t ask questions. But, this is the time you should use your communication skills and ask questions creatively. Do your research about the company and show that you have invested thought into the question. You can ask questions like:

"How will you measure the success of the person in this position?"

"Do you have a set of goals you want me to accomplish in my first 30/60/90 days on the job?"

Questions like these will make the interviewer think about an answer, which shows them you are creative and unique.

4. Know how to negotiate

When it comes to negotiation, people are very hesitant. Make sure you research the average salary of similar positions in your area with your education and qualifications. Also, keep in mind that if you ask for a higher salary, you might get it depending on your experience and skills.

5. Firm your handshake

Your handshake matters a lot. When you meet the interviewer give a strong firm handshake.

Hope the above tips will help you pass an interview with flying colors. Remember to keep an eye contact and be confident while answering the questions. Before you go for an interview, brush up your Spoken English skills to make a lasting impression on the employer.

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- By Chander Madan

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