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Commonly mispronounced words in English


English is the only language which is spoken widely all over the world as it can be easily learnt and understood. One of the old yet easiest way to learn English is by reading newspapers, books, novels etc. You might find range of vocabularies to learn. Pick up 10 new words and learn the meaning, spelling, pronunciation etc. Unfortunately, there are many words which are pronounced incorrectly. According to a recent research almost 82% of the people mispronounce the words. Sometimes, the way a word appears might not sound the same way. In today’s blog, we will explain the correct way to pronounce the common words.

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Learn correct way to pronounce these words:

1. Dengue:

It is a kind of disease which is incorrectly pronounced as Den-goo. The correct way to pronounce it is Den-gee.

2. February:

The second month of the year, February is incorrectly pronounced as Feb-yoo-a-ree. The correct pronunciation is Feb-roo-a-ree.

3. Wednesday:

Wednesday is often pronounced as Wed-nes-day. But the correct way to pronounce it is, Wenz-day.

4. Plumber:

The correct way to pronounce plumber is plumer with b silent. But many people pronounce it as plum-ber.

5. Quote:

The correct way to pronounce quote is kwo-te. But unfortunately, people pronounce it as coat.

6. Epitome:

The word epitome is wrongly pronounced as ep-i-tome. But the correct pronunciation is ep-i-tummy.

7. Ethyl:

Usually students pronounce ethyl as Ee-th-yl but the actual pronunciation is A-thil.

8. Salon:

One of the most used word by ladies is often pronounced as sa-lon. But the actual pronunciation is suh-loon.

9. Raspberry:

The fruit raspberry is often pronounced as rasp-berry but the correct pronunciation is raz-ber-ree where the alphabet p is silent.

10. Dessert:

The common mistake which is made by most of the people while pronouncing dessert is they pronounce it as des-ert which is the pronunciation for desert. The correct pronunciation of the word dessert is dizz-urt.

11. Pronunciation:

The common mistake what people do is that they pronounce the word pronunciation wrong. It is a common confusion that many people have. It is pronounced as pro-nun-si-ay-shun.

When learning English, our focus should be on getting the pronunciation right as a slip of tongue here and there can change the meaning of a sentence. The list above includes just a handful of words, there are uncountable such everyday words that we casually pronounce in the wrong manner. Only by listening will you be able to improve your English speaking.

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-By Shailja Varma

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