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How to improve English Pronunciation and English Speaking?


English Pronunciation and its importance:hw-to-improv_img_1

The official language of our country is English. Everyone wants to speak fluently in English and for that correct pronunciation of English words is very necessary. Pronunciation is the way in which we say a word. It should be remembered that in English we do not always pronounce the word the same way we write it. If we know how to pronounce a word then it would be easier for us to talk in English. Pronouncing the correct word is very much essential because without correct articulation English language cannot be spoken fluently.


hw-to-improv_img_2Pronunciation of the alphabets:

Pronouncing the Alphabet

There are 26 alphabets in English. It is very important to know the pronunciation of these alphabets. Also it should be kept in mind that letters of alphabet do not always represent the same sounds of English. They are not pronounced as they are written.

Some rules of English pronunciation are as follows:

  1. The letter C is pronounced as K. When followed by e, i or u it sounds like an S.

For example: Cyclone. The letter C is followed by y. So it sounds like a S and the second C sounds like a K

  1. When followed by e, I, or y, G sounds like a J.

For example: Gymnastic. G is followed by y, so it sounds like a J.

  1. When G is followed by any letter other than e, I, or u, then G sounds like a G in Gooseberry.

For example: Goose, Gooseberry.

  1. Just like a sound of short U, the W sound makes the sound of short U.

For example: Wonderful


Word Stress in English

Word Stress

We don’t say each syllable with the same force in English. Some syllables are pronounced very loudly and others are spoken softly. The syllables that are not stressed are weak and the syllables that are stressed are big.




  1. Rob


The last letter b is stressed

  1. Teacher


The first syllable is stressed

  1. Demand


The second syllable is stressed

  1. Photograph


The first syllable is stressed.


English Speaking and pronunciation

English Speaking

hw-to-improv_img_4For speaking any language correctly and fluently you should know how to pronounce the words correctly. If you want to learn how to speak English fluently, you can join an online spoken English course. The spoken English tutors will teach you how to pronounce words correctly. You can take help from online spoken English classes to learn English pronunciation. You can also learn pronunciation by active listening. Listen to television, radio, audio, movies and notice how people pronounce words. You can also check pronunciation of words in a dictionary. Also pronunciation can be improved by reading. If you come across any unknown word, try to check out the pronunciation of that word.


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