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Why is correct ‘Speed’ important in Spoken English?


What is the relation between 'speed' and spoken English? Isn't speed supposed to refer to race cars? Speaking English fluently not only involves correct usage of grammar and vocabulary, but also correct speed. While delivering words in spoken English, it is very important to speak English at a controlled speed, rather speaking fast. Any fluent conversation involves a two way communication between the speaker and listener.


A communication ends when the listener has understood the speaker's words and intentions. Correct speed in English helps to show the speaker's confidence and grasp over the language. Language speed should be consistent and not varied. Variation in speed will confuse the listener and also does not sound pleasing to the ears. It disturbs the concentration of the listener and there may be chances of miscommunication.


Here are 10 reasons why 'speed' is important in Spoken English:

1. Speaking English fluently in a correct speed improves understanding among the audience and helps to get the message across.

2. Fast delivery of words implies nervousness and low self-confidence. It can also suggest over-confidence in your subject matter. When you are speaking at an aggressive speed, you come across as a novice speaker with limited language command or an overconfident one.

3. Speaking English in a controlled manner showcases confidence and strong grasp over the language. The listener is able to understand clearly and is left with no misunderstanding.

4. When a listener does not understand what the speaker says, he/she interrupts with 'Excuse Me'. Too much interruption can lead to embarrassing situations. If you are addressing a large audience, it can lead to public humiliation also.

5. Speaking English with controlled speed enables the speaker to get his message across with minimal disturbance as possible. The message gets delivered faster and with better comprehension.

6. It is important to speak words with a small pause in between. This helps in better understanding and gives the speaker an opportunity to gather thoughts. However, care should be taken to not give too long a pause or it will send a wrong message to the audience.

7. Speaking English in a controlled manner helps to improve self-control. Words pour out of our mouth, when we have abundance of thoughts. Controlled fluent English speaking helps us to maintain patience while speaking, which leads to better self-discipline.

8. Speaking English with the correct speed leads to improvement in overall quality of life. Your friends, family, coworkers, stakeholders are able to understand you clearly and thus, will lead to more inclusive communication.

9. You will be well known in your community as someone with good communication skills. Isn't it great to be popular because of your fluent English speaking skills?

10. You can improve your social life with controlled English speed. People will want to have English conversation with you because of your strong and fluent command over the English language.


Strong English vocabulary skills are needed for speaking English fluently in a controlled manner. You can improve English vocabulary only through active reading. For taking your spoken English to a global standard, you can take help of English movies and music. Listen to the dialogues and the speed with which the actors deliver their lines. You will get a general idea about the correct speed which can be used in any situation. You can learn to speak English fluently with the help of an online English tutor or practice with the help of a friend. Be fluent without any limits!

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- By Monika Agarwal

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