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How to give a farewell speech?


Saying a goodbye, no matter where you are, is a difficult task. However, a good farewell speech should ease the discomfort and make you and your fellows calm. You should know that a good farewell speech should possess some shades of emotion with a light brush of fun and humor. Drafting a farewell speech is a daunting task, as ultimately it is bidding the people you've been around adieu. This few minutes' speech of yours should wrap up everything from expressing your gratefulness for all the support and care, to how much you're going to miss this place in the years to come.


Here is an article that should guide you on the path of fluent English while drafting an excellent farewell speech.

7 Vital tips to create a farewell speech:

1. Sense the occasion- While drafting a farewell speech, it is important for you to keep in mind the kind of audience you're going to be addressing; is it a formal or informal occasion.

2. Be open about your plans- Make sure to fill in the reason for leaving, along with your future plans and how you as an individual are dealing with this change.

3. Say no to negativity- Focus on the fact that a farewell speech is meant to be an expression of politeness and expressing good will, so keep away from any negative comments on or about anything.

4. A light tone is perfect- Keep the tone gentle and more on the appreciating note.

5. Add a touch of good humor- You could make your mates remember you for years to come by adding a hint of humor and wit in your speech.

6. Express your feelings- Talk about how the organization has benefited you and how much it has meant to you in your time with the company

7. Keep a tab on your spoken English skills - Ensure you hone your English communication skills and make use of appropriate words, a polite and thankful tone and a light, energetic voice.

A farewell speech sample:

"Good evening everyone, well, I wasn't expecting to say anything, but, I guess there are a few things that I'd like to say. First and foremost, it's been an amazing eight years here, in this company and with you guys. You're all an amazing team and over the years have grown like a second family to me. We've really been through some ups and downs together; okay, a lot of downs together. But, I will really miss you all and I know you guys know that. So, although this isn't really a goodbye, because I'm going to stay in touch with all of you, whether you like it or not; I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for tolerating me for this long and making my journey in this company a grand one!"


Lastly, it is crucial for you to understand that a goodbye speech should be a generic one. For all your personal narratives, you should meet the coworkers personally and have a word with them. So, get going, be confident and roll out your farewell speech maintaining an English speaking fluency throughout.

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- By Chander Madan

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