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How to Improve Communication Skills?


Do you feel shy to communicate with strangers? Do you get jitters with the thought of carrying out a conversation with your boss? Are you tongue-tied before a presentation in your office?

If your answer is YES to all these questions, then you are definitely scared of your communication skills. Many people worry about their poor communication skills to an extent that they stop communicating altogether. If you are making this grievous mistake, let me tell you it is not the right way to improve your conversation skills.

Effective communication is important in all spheres of life, both personal and professional. You cannot understand a person/subject/topic if you are unable to communicate properly. To rise and shine in the dynamic business world, good communication is a requisite. Let's look at some of the ways through which you can improve English communication.


Learn the basics

Communication means transfer of messages between a sender and a receiver through various modes, including written words, spoken words and nonverbal cues. Confidence is another essential aspect of effective communication. You should be confident that your point is worthwhile to the subject. Be aware of your opinions and stay confident in your expression. These can equip you to convey your message effectively. Start your practice of effective communication by carrying out simple conversations. Each day and every minute you can practice to better your conversational skills. Just stay on track and never give up, no matter how bleak the road ahead appears.

1. Keep your audience engaged

Communication is a two-way road and the response of your audience decides your fate. So, make an eye contact whenever you are with people. You may be listening, or speaking, it is important to maintain eye contact intact. This is the key to successful communication. Eye contact establishes the interest and at the same time motivates the speaker to go on. Hand and facial gestures are another way to support your conversation. Your gestures can speak more than your words, so pay attention. Keep your facial and hand gestures as well as your tone in sync.

2. Effective listening is vital


To improve your English communication skills it is important to develop effective listening skills first. A successful listener is the one who can decode not only the words that are being communicated but also the feelings and emotions that comes with it. Do not just pay attention to the end of the sentence, so that you can take ahead the conversation. The rule is to talk less and listen more.

3. Enjoy the power of words

When we say enjoy, we literally mean it. Words are a powerful tool and when said in the right manner, they can have the right impact. So, don't just rush with your words, speak clearly and precisely. Never mumble to get away from the conversation. If you are being asked all the time to repeat a sentence or word, then you are not communicating effectively. Make use of simple words and pay attention to your pronunciation. Speak with the right pace; if you rush with your words, people will think that you are a nervous speaker. So, be careful with your pace.

Hope the above English tutorial is helpful in improving your English communication skills.



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