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How to make a presentation in front of audience?


What is a Presentation:hw_make_presentation_img1

A lecture, demonstration or a speech shown and explained with the help of some gadgets to the audience is known as presentation. There can be different kinds of presentations like training sessions, sales presentations, reports, interviews, briefing. One of the important parts of interview process is making presentation to the audience. You may be asked to do a presentation on any topic of your choice, or the interviewer can choose a topic and ask you to make a presentation on it. The objective is to check your subject knowledge as well as to test your public speaking skills.



How to Make a Presentation


Some important tips on how to make a presentation are stated below:

  1. Dress smartly and be positive and enthusiastic
  2. Greet your audience.
  3. Start your presentation very ardently. You should not sound low or feel depressed. Remain cheerful and elating all throughout the presentation. Cheerfulness and enthusiastic behavior will help you feel confident and also create a positive impression in the minds of the audience.
  4. Speak clearly and confidently. You need to speak smartly, fluently, and clearly in English so that you are audible to everyone in the audience. Don’t speak too fast or too slow. Do not raise your tone but speak in a soft tone.
  5. Pause for sometime before emphasizing on an important point. This gives a hint to the audience that some important points will be discussed now.
  6. Make your presentation interesting and interactive. Try to interact with the audience by asking them questions. Also make eye contact with everyone in the audience. Don’t just give importance to the audience sitting on the front seats. Try to involve everyone in the audience and make it interesting.
  7. It will really sound boring if you simply read out from the presentation that you have made. Jot down the points on cards and try to refer to them whenever possible.
  8. Practice makes a man perfect. So practice at home in front of a mirror. Record your presentation and play it to find out how it went. Try to track your time spent on the presentation. All the presentations are time bound. So you should finish your presentation within the allocated time.
  9. PowerPoint slides should be kept clean and simple. Use pictures, charts wherever possible in your PowerPoint.
  10. Good preparation will reduce nervousness and make you confident and focused.

Structure of the Presentation

hw_make_presentation_img3STRUCTURE OF A PRESENTATION

  1. Introduction: Greet the audience. Let them know the topic of your presentation.
  2. In the middle of your presentation, narrate the story and present your arguments. Graphs and pictures can be used to make your work easier and simpler.
  3. In the conclusion, summarize all the key points and don’t forget to thank your audience for listening.


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